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Digital Australia 12: A Snapshot of Australian Gamers

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Bond University and iGEA (Interactive Games & Entertainment Association) have released their Digital Australia 2012 (DA12) report based on a representative sample of Australians (1252 Australian households with 3533 people in them) further demonstrates that gamers are neither outsiders, anti-social, nor all men (almost half aren’t). Some key findings:

  • Females make up 47% of the total game population, up from 46% in 2008.
  • The average age of video game players in Australia is 32 years, up from 30 in 2008.
  • 75% of gamers in Australia are aged 18 years or older.
  • 94% aged 6 to 15 years compared with 43% of those aged 51 or older play video games.
  • The average adult gamer has been playing video games for 12 years, 26% have been playing for more than 20.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 gamers play social network games and 1 in 10 massively multiplayer games.
  • Playing habits are moderate with 59% playing for up to an hour at one time and only 3% playing for five or more hours in one sitting.
  • Of parents who play games, 88% play with their children, up from 80% in 2008.
  • 90% of parents who play computer games themselves use them to help educate their children, up from 75% in 2008
  • 79% of parents say an adult makes the purchase when games are purchased for their children.

[Full Report PDF] [Key Findings PDF]

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