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Photo 26-08-2014 4 34 47 pmI’m a Professor of Internet Studies at Curtin University, mainly teaching in Digital and Social Media (DSM) major in the Bachelor of Arts, and the Bachelor of Communication. My educational approach has been recognised with teaching awards from the University of Western Australia, Curtin University and, in 2012, an Australian Awards for University Teaching Award for Teaching Excellence in the Humanities and Arts from the national Office of Learning and Teaching.

Since 2016 I have returned to running my upper level unit Web Media. The unit  explores the changing nature of the media landscape in light of convergence and digitisation. The first half of the unit explores the evolving nature of existing industries and media forms (television, film, music, photography and videogames) while the second half of the unit focuses on media forms which have emerged due to opportunities afforded by networked digital culture, including apps, online video, and spreadable media more broadly. Examples of the final Reflective Web Media projects completed by students in past versions of this unit are available online. The unit runs annually and is also available twice a year online via Open Universities Australia.

I regularly taught Web Communications which is the flagship unit for the DSM major from 2009-2014, and sporadically thereafter; it is taught in three parts, the first introduces the Internet and World Wide Web, the second looks at the emergence of “Web 2.0” (looking at blogs, wikis, Twitter, social networks and content sharing) and culminates in a critical examination of social media and individuals and/as information. A version of the unit is also available at the graduate level and available online via Open Universities Australia running in all four study periods annually.

In 2015 I wrote and ran Web Play: Online Games and Gamification, which explores the impact of videogames and game mechanics of various forms throughout contemporary society. This unit has since undergone various changes and is now taught as Online Games and Play.

I am available for graduate research supervision. Recently completed HDR projects I’ve supervised include:

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