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Who Should be the next Doctor?

Tama_TARDISIn one of the all too rare lighter moments of the last few weeks, I had great fun chatting with Cassie McCullagh and Jason Di Rosso on Radio National’s The List programme about who should replace Matt Smith now that it’s been announced he’ll be leaving Doctor Who during this year’s Christmas special.

In the short 5 minute segment we weigh the possibility of a female Doctor, discuss the increasing US obsession with Doctor Who and finally I reveal my controversial choice for favourite Doctor (you’ll have to listen if you if you want to find out Who!).

The programme airs on Radio National Australia at 5.30 Friday, 7 June or you can listen online here.

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  1. Interesting. As someone who’s been glittering up Darling Lads Hurst for quite some time (or should that be “thyme”?) and danced-the-nasty at the Phoenix at 2AM with big Kevvy Wevvy from NIDA, I have to add something that I hope you won’t find (overly) bitchy: almost all twinks whom identify themselves as Who Fans or Whovians love MCKoy, and sometimes even Colin Baker (because of his “nasty Mommy Dearest” top attitude). Just like they loved B. Davis in “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”. Most socially responsible quirky people I know, even the some-what spicy/salty ones, prefer Hartnell or Troughton. Then again, Hartnell looked like Ayn rand in Drag and threatened to toss Barabara and Ian out of the TARDIS for questioning him after being loud-mouthed stow-aways. Meanwhile, Hlen Mirren would be a magnificent choice for the next Doctor, and would force Moffat (or as Star Wars fans call him, “Grand Moff-hat Tarkin”) to come out of the Baz Luhrman closet and stop using the female companion characters as beards.

    • I think a large part of the reason I like McCoy was that he was the first Doctor who had to outthink the Daleks rather than just look for the stairs. I remember being with a group of folks who clapped furiously when the Daleks finally learnt how to fly in the 25th anniversary season Remembrance of the Daleks. According to your schema I should prefer Hartnell or Troughton, but don’t. 😛

  2. An INteresting and entertaining reply. According to your stated semiotic understanding and memetic preference, delineated [above] by “– who clapped furiously when the Daleks finally learnt how to fly in the 25th anniversary season Remembrance of the Daleks”, you should prefer Troughton, by dint of Tomb of the Cybermen. Meaning that by dint of the fact that you’ve cited an emotional/empathic response to a mechanized/emotionless cause-and-effect, as per what you said, above. In “Tomb”, Troughton uses the power of emotions to supercede the CyberController who is attempting to remove emotions and make use of the organic “spare parts” who’ve encroached upon the bailiwick of Mondas/Telos.

    This, appropos of Doctor Who, yields a conceptual feedback loop. You prefer the McCoy Doctor for doing something that Troughton did first. It is like a meta-data “wyrm” designed to devour the non-meta expression of meta-data to change the overall expression of the original meta-data (such as the overly-sweet denoument of the final Dr. Twinklestein/Matt Smith era of Doctor Who where The Impossibly (popular) Girl enters the Doctor’s Chronologocal Ectoplasm to “reset” his timeline. (This of course is preferable to Jim Lee and The TV Guy “retro-conning” all the major DC characters).

    You are a delight, Sir/Madam. I would, however, debate one point you made to Sassie-Cassie RE the appearance of John Hurt: Matt Smith said, in answer to Impossibly-Annoying Girl’s Query of “who is he”, that he [Hurt] was the one who BROKE the promise of the Doctor, and that moment was foreshadowed by the statement that ALL the ghosts of the Doctor were present in that Cosmic Lychfield. Which means John Hurt’s character was the image of the future Doctor (like the Valeyard, a future self) who has given up on playing “nicey-nicey”.

    Doffing the chapeau to you, and hoping you have a lovely evening,


    P.S. ~ as you are a proponent of CCommons, how do you feel about crodfunded Fan Fic (illustrated) a a pro-level, of Gallififreyan Material? Which technically does not break the letter of the Law as per Int. Prop. Rights, as the result would not be “sold” as per the definitions of The Berne Convention.

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