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Who Should be the next Doctor?

Tama_TARDISIn one of the all too rare lighter moments of the last few weeks, I had great fun chatting with Cassie McCullagh and Jason Di Rosso on Radio National’s The List programme about who should replace Matt Smith now that it’s been announced he’ll be leaving Doctor Who during this year’s Christmas special.

In the short 5 minute segment we weigh the possibility of a female Doctor, discuss the increasing US obsession with Doctor Who and finally I reveal my controversial choice for favourite Doctor (you’ll have to listen if you if you want to find out Who!).

The programme airs on Radio National Australia at 5.30 Friday, 7 June or you can listen online here.

Doctor Who: ‘Time Crash’

In a seven-minute special filmed for the Children in Need Appeal in the UK, the current Doctor, David Tennant meets his earlier, fifth, incarnation Peter Davison.  The episode is largely fan service, but it’s still a good little clip.  Check it out here:

Oh, and for those fans who noticed all sorts of continuity references there is a good Wikipedia entry for the episode with all the details.