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Battlestar Book (and Teaching with Facebook Updates?)

For anyone interesting in the convoluted social world of the soon-to-return Battlestar Galactica, you must check out the hilarious Battlestar Book which tells the tale of BSG in Facebook status updates.  A snippet:

Battlestar Book

See the full Battlestar Book [Via io9].

Incidentally, does anyone know of an online generator or tool which can quickly knock out icon-driven status updates like these?  After the Battlestar Book and the earlier  hilarious Facebook Hamlet, I’m toying with the idea designing a project in which students summarise either a key article or perhaps episode of television using this style.  I’m thinking it would get them to think critically about the sort of data Facebook gathers and shares about people while also encouraging students to brush up on their skills in terms of finding the key points and ideas in texts.  Or is that nuts?

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  1. That is an awesome idea! Man, if only what was a valid learning tool in your field wasn’t a sad attempt at gimmickry in mine…

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