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Dr Horrible Finally Available through iTunes Australian Store


A mere 54 days after it was released in the US (and after a few teething problems, free across the globe for just over a week), the three-episodes of Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog are finally available in the Australian iTunes store (and the UK one, too).  The delay, I’m sure, is less about the desire of the Whedon boys to get Dr Horrible out there, and more about the challenges involved in pushing material into the various national versions of the iTunes store.  This rather long delay serves as a fairly poignant footnote to the talk I gave a little while ago on entitled What Dr Horrible Can Teach TV About Participatory Culture.  It seems there’s still some challenges even the bad doctor can’t immediately overcome.  That said, it’s out now, so here’s a link to the Australian iTunes store; it’s $5.99 for the series, or $2.99 per episode.

In the meantime, the Evil League of Evil has been looking for a few more evil recruits, but you need to apply before Oct 11th!

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