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Cylons in America: Critical Studies of Battlestar Galactica

Since I’ve just signed off on editors’ proofs for my chapter in the forthcoming Cylons in America edited collection, I thought I’d paste this little advertisement from Continuum’s 2007 Pop Culture catalogue to remind myself (and anyone else interested) that it should, in fact, be out before the end of the year …


[Click image to enlarge.]

This is my first book chapter (as opposed to a journal article, of which there are a few) and I’m quite excited to see the collection in print in the near future!

Update (15 Sept 07): The publication date for this collection has now been confirmed as January 31 2008 (for the US) and Cylons in America: Critical Studies of Battlestar Galactica is available for pre-order from Amazon.

Update 2 (26 November 07): It looks like the US version will now get a December 10th release! Check out the cover:

Cylons in America Cover

Update 3 (7 Dec 07): As a few people have asked about this book, I thought I’d add the Table of Contents to this post, so you can get a sense of what’s under the cover:

“I see the patterns”: Battlestar Galactica and the Things That Matter – C. W. Marshall and Tiffany Potter

I. Life in the Fleet, American Life

  1. (Re)Framing Fear: Equipment for Living in a Post-9/11 World” – Brian L. Ott
  2. Torture, Terrorism, and Other Aspects of Human Nature – Erika Johnson-Lewis
  3. Alienation and the Limits of the Utopian Impulse – Carl Silvio and Elizabeth Johnston
  4. The Cain Mutiny: Reflecting the Faces of Military Leadership in a Time of Fear – Rikk Mulligan
  5. Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know? Negotiating Stereotypes of Science – Lorna Jowett
  6. “Pyramid, Boxing, and Sex” – Kevin Wetmore

II. Cylon/Human Interface

  1. The Cylons, the Singularity, and God – C.W. Marshall and Matthew Wheeland
  2. Sharon’s Choice: The Role of Decision in the Self-Constitution of Personhood – Robert Moore
  3. Uncanny Cylons: Resurrection and Bodies of Horror – Alison Peirse
  4. “Humanity’s Children”: Constructing and Confronting the Cylons – Tama Leaver
  5. Hybridity’s End – Matthew Gumpert
  6. Erasing Difference: The Cylons as Racial Other – Christopher Deis

III. Form and Context in 21st-Century Television

  1. When Balance Goes Bad: How Battlestar Galactica Says Nothing” – Chris Dzialo
  2. “This Might be Hard for You to Watch”: Salvage Humanity in “Final Cut” – Kevin McNeilly
  3. “Long Live Stardoe!”: Can a Female Starbuck Survive? – Carla Kungl
  4. Authorized Resistance: Is Fan Production Frakked? – Suzanne Scott
  5. Of Duduks and Dylan: Negotiating the Aural Space – Eftychia Papanikolaou
  6. “All this has happened before”: Repetition, Re-imagination, and Eternal Return – Jim Casey
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  1. I’m confused… There seem to be two versions available on Amazon. The paperback was released December 10th and is available at $16.50; a hardcover version that is not available until january 31st for $56.70… Same number of pages… Wassup?

  2. DL, you know as much as I do … the paperback is out, and is very reasonably priced, the hardback is out later this month and costs a fair bit more. Hardbacks do often cost a lot more than the paperbacks, but, yes, I believe it’s exactly the same as the paperback edition except for the binding.

  3. The paperback was rushed into production in order to be ready for the December 2007 MLA meetings in Chicago. The hardcover version is for libraries, which usually prefer that to a softcover edition.

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