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Lego: Dads don’t play with toddlers?

Let me start be saying I love Lego and our 2-year old loves his Duplo (the bigger Lego blocks aimed at toddlers).  I was excited to hear Lego had created and released an online Duplo space, with games and interactions. Sounds like a perfect safe space to share with Mr2. However, I was incredibly disappointed when I turned up, only to discover that someone at Lego seems to have entirely forgotten that Dad’s exist …


“Hello Moms!” really? This is very disappointing for a dad. And for equality in general. 

Lego, please lift your game: I want to be able to enjoy this space with my son, and enjoying many, many hours of Lego and Duplo together.

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  1. Wow.
    I just went to this site the other day and didn’t pick this up.
    What a faux pax on Lego’s part.
    It is a shame there seems to be a certain level of gender stereotyping at Lego. To assue, as you say, that Mothers will be visiting this site instead of making it gender neutral (how hard is it to do that – “Hello Parents” or :Hello Mums and Dads”).
    I guess it is that same level of thinking that makes Lego have fairly male oriented system sets and then create a whole new (and incompatible, figure-wise) system of sets and figures for girls.
    Happy to help them learn otherwise though, as it is a great product.

  2. I thought you could set your gender in your browser, so it sends through a HTTP Header which includes gender?

    Your browser would send something like this:

    GET / HTTP/1.1
    Host: lego.com
    User-agent: Mozilla 4.0 / Firefox
    Accept: */*
    Length: 234
    Gender: Male

    *nb: I don’t think this actually exists.

    • Thanks, Christian. I don’t think that actually exists, either. That said, I’d vastly prefer websites were gender neutral for things like this anyway!

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