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Evolution of Storage Infographic

Sometimes a good infographic tells you a lot:


What’s most amazing to me is that this entire data evolution has taken place in my lifetime – I still remember using 5.25 floppy disks at high school!  The full graphic includes a comparison of photographic and audio storage devices, too.

[Source: Geekologie] [Via BBoing]

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  1. An interesting subject indeed, but the infographic contains some glaring errors. For e.g the CD says 700Mb yet it is graphed as 7Mb! dual layer DVD, Blu-ray, DL Blu-ray and flash drive should all be green not red. In addition it's kind of difficult to compare these things at a glance. It might be more helpful to have a major shift in callibration with the graphing to give a real visual impression of just how dramatic the change has been. A timeline would help understanding too.

  2. Stu, all fair, although adding a timeline might be harder given it's part of a larger comparative graphic – really I might just focus on the USB = box near the bottom – that's the interesting story. 🙂

  3. The whole point of an infographic is to be able to represent information at a glance. This is just a really bad one. Their use of 3 different scales was also a very bad idea. The usb one gets closer, but it' doesn't really convey much since there is just one pic and you have to read the numbers anyway. A wheelbarrow or skip full of floppys or whatever is what they should have done. That would make the point.

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