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Delicious Dilemmas

Sadly, that title means dilemmas in using del.icio.us and WordPress together, not dilemmas in deciding my next dessert! 🙁 For over a month now I’ve been using del.icio.us’ “Blogging: daily blog posting” tool to create daily posts containing my del.icio.us bookmarks in the preceding 24 hours. These posts are timed to occur at 0 GMT (8am my time), but I noticed on Saturday morning, despite a number of bookmarks waiting to appear, none did. Nor did my Sunday post arrive. So, checking del.icio.us, I found this error notice:

results:Running at Sun Apr 15 00:31:03 2007 GMT<br>Fetched 1 items.<br>posting error was: 408 Request Timeout <br>

My first concern was that WordPress had a new issue, but since I was still using 2.1.2 (and had been for more than a week, with successful posts during that time), I looked at GoDaddy (my hosts) which produced a rather intricate and inexplicably complex maze, but in the end no errors could be found in WordPress or my database. So, next I tried to install WordPress 2.1.3 since it has a bug-fix for what they call a “major XML-RPC issue”, which might have stopped del.icio.us talking to my installation of WordPress. No improvements there. Then digging deeper into the WordPress forums I found this thread – WP 2.1.3 slow performance – in which a number of people talk about slowdowns using the 2.1 versions of WordPress but, probably not coincidentally, most are using GoDaddy. So, I phoned GoDaddy support who, after 20 minutes – and putting me on hold for at least 15 of those minutes – I’m told that there’s nothing wrong at their end; their servers are running ‘optimally’, as is my database. Also to my surprise, the support guy had never heard of del.icio.us. (And, I should add, even using Skypeout, calling the US for 20 minutes from Australia isn’t the cheapest thing to do.) Finally, I’ve gone back to del.icio.us and tried to run a slightly different daily blog posting request, but still I get the same error!

So, the short version of this story is: no daily links until I can figure out what’s going on (and, to be frank, I think I’ve exhausted my technical knowledge). If anyone has advice or an alternate way to automate daily del.icio.us summary posts in WordPress, that’d be most welcome. (However, I have tried postalicious and that just times out!). Help!

Update (Monday, 9am): Despite all my failed attempts, my link-posts returned on Monday morning; I have no idea why, but I should know better than to question by now!

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  1. If you haven’t already, you could try finding someone running the same WordPress install and Delicious tool on another server, to make sure the code is not at fault. Once that is ruled out, you might want to contact the person who coded the tool, they could provide some insight on the error and backend running of it. Given that Postalicious times out as well, it may be a Delicious problem that they are unaware of or trying to solve.

    Big hosting companies are terrible at these types of support calls, they don’t know what you are talking about and aren’t much help (as you found out when they didn’t know what Del.icio.us was, next they’ll ask what a YouTube is, and say it sounds like a yummy snack bar).

    Also, have you posted on the WP support forum yet or jumped on #wordpress IRC chat? Better to have a few people brainstorming the problem than one going crazy with it.

  2. Hey Kitta,

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve posted to the WP support forums, so if it’s a common error, at least I should hear about that soon.

    I’ve been trying to hunt down other WordPress users using delicious’ daily post function, but weekends mean there are a lot less bookmark digests flowing. I guess if a whole lotta wordpress users don’t have bookmark posts sometime Monday I’ll be reassured that the error is somewhere not localised to TamaLand!

  3. I use this feature of de.icio.us and once in a while the posts will stop coming in. Same error 408 showing up at the del.icio.us profile, but nothing in wordpress or database. Using Godaddy with WordPress 2.1.3 .

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