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Which WitchBlade?

A few months ago I wrote about my disappointment with a statuette of Mary-Jane Watson from the Spider-Man comics which showed her basically washing Peter Parker’s Spider-Suit whilst standing in an overly provocative pose. There was substantial community dismay at this overtly objectifying piece (especially since MJ has, at times, been one of the stronger women in the Spider-Man franchise). It seems this dismay has had little sway, evinced by this new “limited-edition Witchblade Schoolgirl” piece hitting the shelves:


I could rant further, but I think this response over at Occasional Superheroine is probably the most apt one.

Of course, the comic book industry (or the associated model market) are far from alone in extremely problematic and sexist representations as this Boing Boing post on hyper-sexualized advertising reminds us.

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  1. As a fan of adult comics (Lady Death, Witchblade, Darkness, Sin City, etc, etc, etc) where most of the women run around mostly naked ANYWAY, I find the whole schoolgirl thing inane, boring and more annoying than actually offensive or worrisome. Though on the other hand, that sort of art in particular does perpetuate the whole sexual predator/peodophile thing in a big way.

    I dunno, guess it’s just me but I don’t mind the sexualisation of famous comic heroes, particularly because they are directed towards adults and I am an adult. That probably says something strange about my inner self, if we go by Jungian theories. Or I could be fantasising about my father, if I was to ask Freud. The Mary-Jane figure, to use an example, is what I like about such comics figures – that those girls can be depicted as sensual, sexual beings and STILL be kickarse heroes in the next breath. God forbid Superman have submissive tendencies. *LOL*

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