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Nexus One

Just in case you’ve not this post is the first thing you’ve seen after having no internet connection for two days, guess what?  Google released a phone:


Meet the Nexus One. There has already been a phenomenal amount written about Nexus One vs The iPhone (here’s a nice clear tech and cost comparison) but the real stories here are bigger than that.  The are millions of people writing about the Nexus One today, but my pick of that crop are these:

  • The official Nexus One page (where “Web meets phone” apparently).  For Australian’s the “order now” button currently reads “Sorry, the Nexus One phone is not available in your country.” Hmph.
  • BBC News “Google unveils Nexus One phone”.  The big difference for US customers: “Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi said this could be its main selling point as it would mean owners could decide which network to sign up with. "You buy the phone and then choose what sim card you want to put in," she said. Those buying an unlocked phone would be able to use it as a GSM phone on almost any network.” (Which doesn’t seem like such a big deal to us Aussies since you can buy and iPhone with any of the big telcos in Australia.)
  • Guy Kawasaki’s 13 ways a Nexus One is better than an iPhone. The most important: “Open system” so that, God forbid, if someone can create a better browser, address book, calendar, or email client, you can install it. Somebody at Apple thinks it has the monopoly on good app development. He or she is wrong.”
  • Finally, Engadget’s Nexus One review – all the hardware and software specs – like a 5.0 megapixel camera with a flash!

Sure, the Nexus One might not be a hugely different experience to the iPhone, but Google entering the mobile market with an open source operating system offers a healthy alternative model for smartphone users. It’s also another step in becoming Planet Google!