TL_Sepia I’m a lecturer in the Internet Studies department at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. I research digital culture, from the changing landscapes of commercial media in the face of participatory culture, to the role of social software in education and everyday life. I have a background in cultural studies, film studies, digital media and comparative literature, and gained my PhD in English, Communication & Cultural Studies from the University of Western Australia.  My research record and other information is available in my Curriculum Vitae, and for more detailed information about my research interests and future directions, click here.

My Blogs & Blog History

This website includes my main blog, which began in March 2007. From May 2003 until March 2007 I primarily blogged at Ponderance, the archives of which remain online as long a Google continue to support static blogs.


As of September 2007, this blog is being archived by the National Library of Australia and can thus be found in Pandora – Australia’s Web Archive.

Comment Policy

Meaningful comments are encouraged. Posting comments using a real name and with a link back to a real website are encouraged, but not necessary. Conversation, community and criticism are valued here. Debate is also welcome – arbitrary excessive rudeness is not. As the blog owner and author, I maintain the right to delete comments which I deem to be unnecessarily rude and outside of meaningful conversation (I vastly prefer not to delete comments, but retain that right).

Also, this blog is protected by spam filters which means there many be a delay between comments being posted and them appearing in the blog. If a genuine comment has not appeared within a couple of days, please email me and I’ll check if it’s stuck in a spam folder.

Since this blog is archived in various places, posting comments here gives the right for those comments to published online and to be archived.


I currently live and work in Perth, Western Australia. In June 2007, I married the love of my life, Emily and we are the proud parents of two beautiful boys.  Beyond my academic interests, I also dabble in photography (in a fairly amateur sense) and have a number of photos on Flickr.

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