Current Role & Teaching

connectionsI primarily teach in the Department of Internet Studies at Curtin University in the Internet Communications major. I regularly teach Web Communications 101 which is the flagship unit for the Internet Communications major; Web 101 is taught in three parts, the first introduces the Internet and World Wide Web, the second looks at the emergence of “Web 2.0″ (looking at blogs, wikis, Twitter, social networks and content sharing) and culminates in an examinations of social media, including guided hands-on use of most of these tools and approaches.  The unit is also available at the graduate level as Web Communications 501. Web Communications 101 is also available online via Open Universities Australia and runs in all four study periods annually.

I also regularly teach the upper level unit Web Media 207 which explores the changing nature of the media landscape in light of convergence and digitisation. The first half of the unit explores the evolving nature of existing industries and media forms (television, film, music, photography and videogames) while the second half of the unit focuses on media forms which have emerged due to networked digital culture, including apps, online video, and spreadable media more broadly. Examples of the final Reflective Web Media projects completed by students in past versions of this unit are available online. The unit runs annually, is available at the graduate level as Web Media 507 and runs twice a year online via Open Universities Australia.

I am also an active graduate and honours supervisor. Recent completions include:

  • Deepti Ruth Azariah, Mapping the Travel Blog: A Study of the Online Travel Narrative (PhD, 2012, co-supervised with Deb Hunn)
  • Amelia Beare, Conditional Access: Agency in Digital, Text-Based Narratives (2012, First Class Honours).

Teaching History

I was previously located at the University of Western Australia (UWA) where I wrote, taught and coordinated the following units:

During my time at UWA I also participated in a number of other units, including:

  • 2008: Cultures, New Media and Communication (tutor, guest lecturer)
  • 2008: Communications Project unit (tutor)
  • 2008: Designing Virtual Play (guest lecturer)
  • 2007/8: Human Technology: Debating Communication  (tutor, guest lectures)
  • 2007/8: Ecotexts: Nature/Writing/Technology (guest lecturer)
  • 2004: SmArts Program (tutor)
  • 2003: Reading Texts, Mediating Culture (tutor)
  • 2002: Reading Theory (tutor)
  • 2002/4/5: Sex, Bodies, Spaces: Gender in Popular Culture (tutor, guest lecturer) *

* Asterisked units were also taught offshore as part of the Communication Studies program at the Hong Kong University’s Centre for International Degree Programmes).

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