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When Subiaco Oval Attacks!

The second half of 2007 hit with something of a bang today.  The combination of extreme winds and the proximity of our place to Subiaco Oval suddenly led to the rather loud, dramatic and quite dangerous appearance of the massive advertising signs from Subi Oval hitting out (glass) back door and coming to rest in our back yard:


While fascinating on some level, these huge signs had to travel over the top of the oval (they’re supposedly fixed to the stands) and fly probably 50 metres in the air before spinning down into our place.  It’s incredibly lucky that it was pouring with rain, too, because it anyone was outside, being hit by one of these could have caused some very serious injuries. 

When the winds settled a little, Emily headed out the front door and discovered a whole lot more of these hoardings lying on our road and in the drive-way, so now we have four massive advertising banners on centimetre-think cardboard sitting soggily in our little backyard:


We now have part of an SGIO sign, a National Australian bank advertisement and something that has NTER in its lettering.  I wonder when Subiaco Oval will be knocking on our door looking for them?  Maybe they’ll offer to replant the bits of the garden that were sheered in half when the sign flew in from the sky?!

(Given that these signs cost advertisers anywhere from $5000 to $60,000 dollars each to display, I suspect someone might want them back!)

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