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Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve comes takethislollipop.com an extremely clever and deeply unsettling personalised short film experience. The short asks you to share your Facebook data, then imports images, personal details and geographic information to customize a stalking experience just for you! The resulting short (which takes just a few seconds to generate) uses very clever graphics and a recognisable but well-shot set-up that would be right at home in one of the endless torture porn movies gracing cinemas in the last few years. It’s all about you, and a very creepy guy who has decided to come and find you …

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I can’t imagine Take This Lollipop will do much to ease fears about cyberstalking, nor will it win fans who hold privacy concerns (the film DOES access all of your Facebook data – they promise not to keep it, but I revoked the app’s access as soon as I’d seen the short). It is, however, VERY effective.  It’s also fun to imagine this stalker is an advertising executive who works closely with Facebook … Smile with tongue out

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5 Thoughts on “takethislollipop.com: Creepy Personalised Facebook Stalker Short Film!

  1. takethislollipop dot com is a creepy, disturbing but very effective personalised #facebook stalking experience! http://t.co/RcDTaGiA

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  4. http://t.co/ocFH1pC0: Creepy Personalised Facebook Stalker Short … http://t.co/zry0trvc

  5. jasmine on December 10, 2012 at 6:07 am said:

    😯 😥 ❓

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