5 Thoughts on “Evolution of Storage Infographic

  1. Just what an infographic shouldn't be, confusing and hard to compare and shouldn't the dvd and blu ray be green dots? This could be done much better.

  2. An interesting subject indeed, but the infographic contains some glaring errors. For e.g the CD says 700Mb yet it is graphed as 7Mb! dual layer DVD, Blu-ray, DL Blu-ray and flash drive should all be green not red. In addition it's kind of difficult to compare these things at a glance. It might be more helpful to have a major shift in callibration with the graphing to give a real visual impression of just how dramatic the change has been. A timeline would help understanding too.

  3. Fair enough, some of the colouring is wrong, but I like the idea, at least …

  4. Stu, all fair, although adding a timeline might be harder given it's part of a larger comparative graphic – really I might just focus on the USB = box near the bottom – that's the interesting story. 🙂

  5. The whole point of an infographic is to be able to represent information at a glance. This is just a really bad one. Their use of 3 different scales was also a very bad idea. The usb one gets closer, but it' doesn't really convey much since there is just one pic and you have to read the numbers anyway. A wheelbarrow or skip full of floppys or whatever is what they should have done. That would make the point.

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