As part of a protest against the proposed Australian Internet censorship filter, many Australia Twitter users have changed their avatars to pictures with their mouths gagged or crossed out.  Rene Lemerle has created this very Australian collage collating many of these protest avatars:


Can you spot me in there? 🙂 Make sure you’re doing your bit to stop the insanity of the “clean feed”!

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3 Thoughts on “Australia’s Twitterati SAY NO to Internet Censorship

  1. Gack, I’ve given up on updating mine – nothing but fail whale for hours.

    I now have a new LJ icon, though.

  2. I have just read about this and am outraged! If Australia goes down this path, the precedent will be set for other western liberal democracies to follow suit.
    I would fear even more for freedoms in “Big Brother” Britain, and elsewhere.

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